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Spa Infused Herbal Water

For whatever reason, the water served to clients at the spa is always amazing. A hint of herbal something. Sometimes it’s mint and rosemary, or lemon and thyme or some weird herb that I can’t put my finger on.

Lately I’ve come across infusion pitchers all over the place. The last thing I need is another item for my kitchen. So I took the idea and did it in a mason jar with the oddest herb I had in my garden. Lemon Verbena. I haven’t done anything with this herb other than spa infused herbal water.

Spa Infused Herbal Water

Spa Infused Herbal Water

1 clean mason jar

distilled or purified water

herb combo of your choosing
(rosemary/mint, lemon/thyme, basil, lemon verbena)

Fill your mason jar with the distilled or purified water and add the herbs.

Secure the lid and place in a sunny spot for the day. The longer the jar sits out, the stronger the infusion.

Strain the water into a glass with ice and enjoy*.

*exfoliating facial and kid free time not included

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One thought on “Spa Infused Herbal Water

  1. Peggy on said:

    Love the idea, I will try it this weekend!

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